St. Henry's Roman Catholic Parish




Altar Server


To be or become an altar server is a commitment. There are people counting on you.  First, the priest depends on you.  He needs to know you will be there on time.  He needs to know you are prepared.  You help the priest ensure things go smoothly.  

Remember also the people in the assembly count on you. Without you an important part of prayer leadership is missing.  You have been called to serve.  Your parish is grateful that you have responded to Godís call. I want to thank you for your dedication and time to serve God and our parish community.

Altar Server Dictionary

Sacramentary - the book the priest prays from during the mass at the altar.


Lectionary - the book of scriptures read read at the liturgy of The Word

Lector - the person who reads the scriptures during Mass





Sanctuary - the sacred space elevated before the congregation




Sacristy - the room where the priest vest before Mass

Vestments - special robes worn by the priest, deacons and altar servers

Alb - white robe worn over street clothes

Cincture - cord used as the belt for the alb



Chasuble - coloured vestment worn only by the priest






Cassock - black/red/white vestment worn by altar servers




Altar - the table of the Lord in the sanctuary

Altar Cloth - the table cloth for the Altar, always white




Purificator - small white cloth used with the Chalice




Corporal - small white cloth placed in the center of the Altar over the altar cloth

Altar Vessels - sacred vesels used during the celebration of the Liturgy

Chalice - gold cub used by the priest/eucharistic ministers for the Blood of Christ



Ciborium - gold cup with a lid for the Body of Christ in the Tabernacle





Tabernacle - the ornate receptacle used to place the Body of Christ







Credence Table - the small table to one side off the sanctuary for sacred vessels







Bells - rung during the Consecration of the Mass






Paschal Candle - the large ornate candle used at funerals, baptism and Easter until Pentacost





Procession Cross - the cross carried in and out of the Mass






Procession Candles - the candles carried in and out of Mass and during the Gospel







Cruets - small pitchers of water and wine for the Mass





Finger Bowl - small bowl for priest to wash hand during the Liturgy of the Mass



Boat - container for Insense




Aspergillum - the Holy Water sprinkler




Sacrarium - this provides for the proper disposal of sacred substances





Baptismal Font